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With a delicious citrusy taste, 24K imparts a dreamy, easy-going high. Best used at night to unwind, it can help with insomnia, pain & inflammation. Total THC 27.91% – Total Terpenes 2.419%

Banana Sorbet

With a smooth sweet taste, Banana Sorbet is an indica-dominant hybrid that imparts an ecstatic sense of happiness that evolves into a mellow high. Total TCH 27.58% – Total Terpenes 2.376%


Cataract Kush

Indica-dominant Cataract Kush is good for pain, sleep and eating disorders.  A strong and earthy strain, its potent high is popular with cannabis connoisseurs, and is best for nighttime relaxation. Total THC 27.03% – Total Terpenes 2.569%


Headband is an iconic indica hybrid with high THC content, perfect for relaxation & introspection. An antidote for mild anxiety & promotes creativity. Total THC 29.86% – Total Terpenes 2.311%


Jenny Kush

Jenny Kush is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain, created in tribute to a cannabis activist killed by a drunk driver. With a fruity haze, the strain’s upbeat high reflects Jenny’s positivity and joy. Total THC 24.71% – Total Terpenes 2.41%


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